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It all starts with a pencil. At Raymar, we pride ourselves in creating authentic designs that are unique and artistic to suit the needs and desires for your outdoor living area. We will arrange a preliminary meeting to discuss your ideas and our qualified design team will generate a few different ideas. Once the drawings are approved, the building begins. From retaining walls, to laying sod, to interlock driveways, we do it all!


- Retaining walls

- Dry lay wall

- Interlock

- Masonry

- Flagstone

First of all, we begin with planning your yard. To do this, we take measurements and create a visible layout plan on the lawn. Then, we strip the sod and perform any required excavation work. Afterwards, we add a base layer that is necessary for walkways and patios. Once the base layer is completed, we move on to laying the patio stones. When the hardscaping is finished, we move on to the next step, which is the softscaping.


- Laying sod

- Tree and perennial planting

- New gardens

If you have a garden that needs an update or an empty space in your yard that needs to be filled, you might want to consider adding some new plant material to it. We can begin by deciding which plants to keep and which ones to remove from your garden. After that, we can select new plants that will be a good fit for your garden and plan their layout. Finally, we will plant the new plants and cover the garden with mulch.


- Waterfalls

- Bubbling rocks

- Ponds

- Fountains

Consider leveling up your backyard with a something as simple as a bubbling rock or a small fountain.


- Commercial

- Residential

We offer a fence refurbishing service for your old farm fence. We also provide installation services for chain-link, metal, or wooden fences, whether it's in a residential community or your backyard. The first step in any fence installation is to install the concrete footings for the fence posts. Once that's done, we can proceed with the rest of the installation or construction process.


- Deck building and refurbishing

- Cabanas

- Pergolas

- Sheds

- Gazebos

It all begins with a pre-existing or installed foundation. Then we can begin framing the walls and the roof. After framing, we continue to the siding and roof that has been chosen. The finishing touches include painting, trim, and the installation of windows and doors.


- Grading

Grading is an important aspect of construction, and it typically happens at the beginning of the project. It involves adjusting the slope of the land to create a level surface or a slope, depending on the desired outcome. The main goal of grading is to ensure proper drainage, which is essential for preventing water damage and erosion.

This landscape project features sod, gardens, an interlock driveway, pool shed, firepit, deck, and outdoor kitchen. Raymar was responsible for all tasks, showcasing Murray's expertise in outdoor design.

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